253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Neighbourhood

Published Jun 21, 22
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253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Property Summary

253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Stats253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Interior Features

2% higher than $467,915 in March 2022. This translates to an 11% increase year-over-year. 470 condos were offered in April 2022. This is a sales decrease of 9% compared with 518 condominiums sold in March and a yearly decrease of 13% compared to April 2021. There is a month of inventory in the market which is better than half a month of inventory seen at the end of March and recommends that we are still dealing with a seller's market.

As inflation, which currently stands at 6. 7% annually, is far above the 1% to 3% band set by the Bank of Canada (Bo, C). Therefore it is anticipated that Bo, C will continue increasing its policy rate and begin diminishing its balance sheet over the next couple of months. will increase and thus variable home loan rates, making it more expensive for home mortgage debtors.

This widening of the space between the fixed rate and variable rate mortgages, which presently stands at 1. 7%, caused an unmatched portion of new home loans to be variable-rate home loans in Canada. Some potential home buyers had actually been preapproved and thus might get fixed rates far lower than today's quotes.

253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Stats

253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Interior Features253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Building Type

253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Land Features253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - For Sale

MLS HPI Standard Cost: The MLS Home Price Index (HPI) Standard Rate is the HPI equated into a real-world price number. Strata Insurance: Strata insurance coverage is insurance utilized by a strata like a condominium to covers damages to typical areas and possessions and liability to the strata. It can also consist of fixtures constructed or installed as part of the initial construction of each unit, even though these may not be common structures.

Property types, Separated home: A detached house is your basic single-family house. It is a domestic building that stands alone and is independently entitled or lawfully a single unit. Semi-detached house: A semi-detached home resembles a separated house, other than it shares a wall with another house. This set of houses must comprise an independent building and each needs to be independently titled or legally two separate systems.

Townhouses: A townhouse is the middle between a detached/semi-detached home and a condo home. Like removed and semi-detached homes, they are frequently single-family systems that have their own land and may be attached to other systems. Nevertheless, like condo houses, they usually have to pay co-ownership costs for maintenance and may share some common features with their next-door neighbors.

253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Neighbourhood

These are complexes of domestic systems with common locations such as corridors, parking area, stairwells, and so on. They can be low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise structures. Unlike townhouses, there are no parts of the lot (the land of the building) where gain access to is reserved for just one owner or occupant. There can be independently owned systems and areas inside the building.

253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Cost Calculator253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Number of Rooms

Typical condominium residential or commercial property types consist of condo apartment or condos and some townhouses. Information sourced from the and the Canadian Realty Association (CREA). Any analysis or commentary is the opinion of the experts at and should not be construed as investment guidance. Please consult a licensed realty expert before making a realty financial investment decision.

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253 Willow Aster Cir, Ottawa, ON K4A3T9 - Land Features

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